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Graphic Language

Thank you for that piece Dan.

I am having trouble using REW.

I have an old Terratec EWS88mt sound card that produced this wonderful looking flat response during calibration.

I then set up a CAD e70 (omni) > focusrite ISA One > EWS88mt > Room EQ Wizard. This chain yielded these graphs from one sweep, at one listening position.

I am having a really hard time interpreting this stuff. I can see the +8db peak at 50hz as well as the -8db null at 60hz. Everything past 300hz seems like nonsense.

I understand it would probably be best, just throw up as many bass traps as money can buy, and then things will be 90% ok (maybe). I have been following the teachings of Winer, Kuras, Brandt, Andre, and now Yourself, but i just can't seem to wrap my head around what to do with this info.

Bottom line is i would like any suggestions on a remedial route to sweep/impulse interpretation. I would like to look at these graphs and say "hell yeah this room is awful" and then do my best to fix it with appropriate treatment. After treatment, i would like to look at this data and say 'ahhh, that's what that fiberglass is doing."

Before i start exploring all the 8+ possible listening positions for peaks and nulls i would like to truly understand what i am looking at in one position.

Thank you,

P.S. The Master Handbook by Everest is light years over my head.