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Arrow Pink Floyd memories & Trident replicas...

Hello Ken -

it's a pleasure & honour to have the opportunity to... virtually bombard U with questions - and a real treat to read your answers (personally I appreciate & enjoy your matter-of-fact explanations and use-what-U-got sensible approach as much as I enjoy listening to many of the real classic albums & recordings U brought to existance in this way...thumbsup).

So here's my double-bomb, hopefully a positively exploding one with U:

1) do U have any interesting or fondest Pink Floyd memories to share, both anecdote & happenings wise, and of course gear & "little secrets" wise?

2) have U ever had the opportunity & will to use or try any of the subsequent Trident A and B range modules and "replicas" by various manufacturers (Toft, MTA/Toft & Fletcher, Daking, ahemm...Oram, etc) and what did U think of them, given that U know and quite evidently like the old Trident desks, and are actually one of those people who have come to make their sound legendary, by means of your work?

Thanks in advance - looking forward to your book and any new sonic endavours, anytime.

Kind regards from Slovenia & Happy Holidays,