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the closest thing I've ever seen to real EMI stuff in OZ is these OBA-1 units that some techs from EMI made over here for location recording.
I think they actually run off batteries and need some serious mods for studio use haha

A guy called Joe Malone makes a pretty mean clone over here as well though which I reckon sounds pretty amazing.

I reckon what those pre's do to sound would bring out the kick and snare in a really nice/interesting way with this style of tuning/mic'ing as I find myself trying to eq in those sort of qualities to the sound. hehe

shame about giving back the MkIV man.. i think if I owned one I'd build my whole studio to look like the Enterprise around it
Buzz Bidstrup (the Angels drummer) at one point owned an EMI TG console - in fact it might be the one now in the Gallagher's studio. A bloke I was working for was interested in it, but the asking price was very high. The board sat for a while at Megaphon studio in St Peters Sydney (I did a few days on it, made me want to wear a dust coat while driving it!).

Eric's custom board sounds pretty damn trick. I've always been a fan of adding a pinch of resonance at the cutoff point of HPFs and LPFs, and I think having every channel in a desk equipped with such comprehensive EQ would really dampen the desire to look outboard a hell of a lot.