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Old 13th December 2010
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As others have mentioned, you should secure your network with a password - preferably a strong one. And if your router & NICs support it, use WPA2, rather than WPA or WEP. None of the wireless security protocols are perfect, but WPA2 is the most secure out of the currently available choices.

Someone stated earlier that an open connection = no fear (cause the evidence isn't on your system). Well, while that may ultimately be proven true, keep in mind that if some anonymous user's activity is of a sufficient quality of illegal, then this may catch the attention of the powers that be ... and if they elect to trace it then it will most definitely be traced to your IP address. This could result in a late night, early morning visit from your friendly local LE. Now do you really want to have to jump through a ton of very small, high hoops to prove your innocence, just because you're a generous person who likes to share?

Secure your wireless network. It's not all that difficult, and it's a good thing.