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Originally posted by Jules
"advertising people"

Satanists all.

Ditto. I did a full on 68 choir for a cocacola ad. The VP's mother just happened to be in town. Her words exactly "I think we should change 'Have a Coke and Enjoy' to 'Have a Coke and spread joy'". "You DO realise we'll have to re do this entire process, and change things that the advertising board to months to approve?" says WillyShow. "Well, I took french horn lessons when I was in grade school, so I know what I'm talking about".

We tried punching in the line the next day, but that never works, especially since we had less than 60 people, and many of them subs. Two weeks later I get the call "They've decided to go with the original version" from Willy. I vowed that day to NEVER to do ad crap again. (unless I'm workin' with a producer I'm good buds with)