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Originally posted by Steve Smith
I just did a video voiceover session today where it took the "talent" 2 hours to record 7 MUNITES OF COPY!!!

at one point the producer ( a buddy of mine ) jokingly said <" hey steve, do you just want to do it?" ( over the cans no less) at whickpoint I did actually read a full paragraph flawlessly on the fly ( amazing for me, i speak like i type in those settings) the "talent was just silent for like 2 munites.. so now I have a new worst, I have to edit the 2 hours of outtakes into that 7 min... :(
In my twisted world that doesn't sound too bad. I've had ad "executives" take longer than that to decide how they want the TAG for a :15 spot to be read. can be worse. Of course, I have a singular distaste for the minions of the dark lord we call advertising people anyway...