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Here for the gear

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On top of that sometimes I hear the sound, have tiny delay then get sensation of a physical knock in my ear, not pleasent at all!.
I get this usually with things like a pen clicking, quiet sounds that have high frequencies, a moment after hearing them it's almost like the ear drum "whoops" in and out, like a metal sheet you're holding at both ends shaking.

I've had tinnitus and I would estimate it's around 15~18kHz and seems to be around 40dB, sometimes more recently it's been agitated as I have a 5 month old daughter who likes to scream. I wear earplugs in the evening sometimes when she's fussy. I have attended F1 in Montreal 8 times without ear plugs and never wore plugs at shows for the longest time, now I take my Etymotic 15's with me to all shows. The one that did the most damage I think was Alice in Chains at a small show in September 2009 and I was right beside the right stacks, it was painful and I had actually meant to bring my swimming ear plugs (silicone) for that event but forgot, I kick myself to this day.

It was very stressful for the first couple months, and I still long for the day when I had whisper quiet hearing, but a year on I'm much better with it. I don't crank my music at home like I used to, I wear earplugs at all shows, I took ear plugs to F1 this year as it's BLOODY loud there and I have ROW A seats at the hairpin.

Couple things I've read in this and other threads. Gingko Biloba has done nothing for me, took it for the last year as I had a 300 pill container of it. CoQ10 is not readily absorbed by the body. Those taking it should switch to Ubiquinol, the biologically active form. It is almost 10 times as effective and is essential for heart health. It does not have any benefit for tinnitus from what I can tell. I also saw someone suggest Magnesium. I take a Cal/Mag supplement which provides 500mg of Calcium and 250mg of Magnesium daily, I've seen no improvement in tinnitus. I tried 3 months of accupuncture as it was covered by my benefits at work, it's VERY relaxing and helps to destress, but offered no benefit to my tinnitus.

While there are many forms of tinnitus, I do not believe there is any cure for noise-induced tinnitus. The only solution would be using stem cells to replace damaged nerve endings and I'm not going to Iran or wherever it is to try it because me gots no cash.

I believe that continuing to protect my hearing during events like concerts and F1 as well mowing grass with gas mowers or anything where noise is loud will pay dividends in the long run and prevent my tinnitus from getting worse.

2010 hearing test and 2005 hearing test including nerve testing all showed great hearing, uniform across all tested frequencies. I also went through all the necessary tests to rule out everything but noise damanage, including wax build-up, high levels of ferritin, MRI to check the auditory nerve, etc., etc.

I will try and better educate my kids. No-one ever told me about tinnitus growing up. I figured a couple dB's hearing loss here and there was no concern, if someone had told me the ringing you get every now and again for no reason is what you'll hear permanently if you don't protect your ears I would have started wearing ear plugs many moons ago. It can certainly cause a lot of pain and frustration.

I am sorry to read about all your other problems including the pain, I have no doubt that has caused you a great deal of grief.