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Here's how I set up headphones. I'm including a screenshot of a mixer from one of my recent sessions. In this set up I have, two stereo cue mixes and two mono mixes (in addition to my own monitor/headphone mix). What's cool is that these are completely autonomous mixes. This isn't just a split.

Look at the channelstrip on the left (Bass Mic). You can see the inserted bus sends (Haloverb, VxPhns, Drums, etc). On the far right side of the mixer is the destination of those sends (i.e. the cue mix busses). I have these routed to the various analog outs (3/4, 5/6, 7, and 8).

In the middle of the image is the send mixer, which allows me to set up the headphone mix however the musician wants it. As you can see, this includes separate volume and panning for all the inputs and I've also added a reverb return from a bus set up for Haloverb and a DAW return for playback and overdubbing.

As far as the physical hookup goes, I plug my snake return channels right into the ULN-8 outputs with no headphone amp. There's plenty of output juice to run multiple pairs of cans.

I hope this helps.
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