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I'm thinking of getting an Orpheus for the conversion (for tracking and monitoring) and a ULN-2 for the digitial summing bus (for mixing). I'd rather have a blend of both than question which one is better. I already use the digital summing bus in a MH 2882 and like what's going on there during mixing and would like to stick with that workflow. I also don't want to deal with DB25 in a home studio and actually like the more pared down I/O on the Orpheus.

Assuming that money is absolutely no object ... it's still kind of a crazy idea. I'm not sure you realize how needlessly complicated you're going to make your every moment of music-making by using two interfaces to do the job of one.

If you don't want to deal with Dsub, you can buy a custom breakout panel for the ULN-8 for about $300. That's a lot cheaper than an Orpheus, and a lot easier to integrate.