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Ok guys,

Last week I went to my ULN 8 dealer to find out what was going on in my set-up so I took my synth, my Mac Pro and my ULN8 with me. After trying everything out we could not hear any problem at all! The frustration got bigger and bigger cause I knew at home I would get the clicks back so I did not want to give up and leave the place before finding out what was wrong in my home-studio. After a liter of coffee I realized that I forgot my midi-patch-bay so that would be the missing link and perhaps the problem maker. We connected a midi interface between my Mac Pro and my Nord Wave and finally we recreated the click again! So from now on everything I did on my Nord Wave was hearable through the speakers, even browsing through my presets gave noise and clicks. To be clear this had nothing to do with the ULN 8 but with the noise the Clavia's are outputting through their unbalanced outputs. Then we tried a DI- box between my Nord Wave and the ULN8 and the clicks were gone. I am not sure if this is the best or only solution but at least it's a solution and I can go on now. I ordered 3 Radial Duplex Di's so everything with my Clavia's should be ok now.

Thanks for your help all!