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I have used/owned 100's of pedals.

Best Compressor hands down is the Diamond Compressor imo

Best marshally distortion box is the Box of Rock by Zvex

Catalinbread makes excellent pedals, anything really by them is a safe bet. Same goes with Diamond and Zvex.

Diamond memory lane is the best sounding analog delay imo, I own the memory lane2 which costs a ton but is worth every penny imo when it comes to delay control and overall tone and headroom.

If you are into soldering, B.Y.O.C. (build your own clone) has some sweet pedals for cheap if your willing to put them together

tape echos are awesome, but pricey and fragile, the fulltone one is great, but a good substitute would be a korg se-500

On that note fulltone makes great pedals, but they are not all built equally.

The theory that everything digital sounds crappy is a lie, I LOVE analog pedals and 90% of my board is analog, but there are some excellent digital pedals out there. The cathedral by Electro Harmonix is one of the most versatile and lush reverbs I have ever used.

Stay AWAY from digital dirt boxes, unless you want digital clipping as an effect.

If wanting a dirt box on a budget a digitech bad monkey and a danalectro cool cat overdrive are excellent OD boxes that you can get for like $30.