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another angle, for your consideration: anyone remember a lil' show called star trek? do you remember how they eat on star trek? they go up to a machine, say what they want, no matter how extravagant, and it materializes. when we build that machine, will we delay solving world hunger for the sake of all the poor bakers and waiters who no longer have work? ever see someone go to the bathroom on star trek? proly safe to assume they have a similar device that dematerializes their waste. when we devise the way to rid ourselves of the entire sewage system, not to mention what it will do for hygiene, will you be throwing up your hands saying "wait a minute! what about the plumbers? the poor poor plumbers! let's delay massive societal progress, for their sake!"? what about robots? we'll undoubtedly one day replace many, many workers of all varieties with robots. what then?
AFAIK, there's not a device that "materialized" music...
It still takes hard work dedication, yada yada yada. The comparisons you make, make no sense...
i dont understand how the things i've had to say have resulted now in two people insinuating that i think that doctors are infallible ultra-humans or what-the-F-ever. are you TALKING ANIMALS even bothering to completely read posts before you respond? let me say that again, because obviously some people are not reading long enough: filthy motherfvcking TALKING ANIMALS. like, one of the things i said only ONE page ago? like, one of the links in my sig? for fvcks sake, if you're gonna be so stubborn as to not even educate yourself about what you're arguing against, or if you're just too clouded or at worst too stupid, then
Ok, i get it now...
you're just an [deleted]hole

Really.. did your wife leave you for a musician? You've got some serious anger issues.
Look in a mirror...