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I am not trying to boil it down to law i am simply trying to show how narrow mind looking at sampling as "just steals your thoughts, trying to make money with your work?" sounds The example of premo was used to show that samples can often be used by extremely creative individuals to manifest some thing new. I really thought that would have been very obvious but then again this is the internet.
Yeah I actually missed that

You're correct, this is the internet and between looking up transformer core laminations, trying to figure out how to get my kids some Christmas presents (American Girl - How I hate you lol) and talking with Jim about some obscure TV tube I completely missed the thing about the rebellious hip hop attitude and DJ Premier lol.

I don't for an instant call into question the validity of hip hop being a cutting edge artform that defies conformity. Or that Premier embodies that on some level. However, he isn't some kid in a basement with a Gemini Sampler and a drum machine. He's a veteran producer, he knows how the music biz is. That rebellious spirit doesn't truly die but damn if alot of other **** doesn't get in the way when you are trying to make a living and feed your wife and kids.

As I said before everybody has to play the game at some point. That's why I like setting my own rules by owning my own label. I normally don't sample music because of the access to the session players. I guess its easier to pay some guys a couple of bucks here and there or just play the music yourself.

I would love to know what Premier would come up with if he would sit down with some capable players and time.