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Tell him what terry?

He's a musician and a business man. If Premo takes someone's work without permission then he can get sued.

That's why we have courts.

Hip hop is no exception to the rule.

Once it became a financial powerhouse, it was destined to have legal trappings.

Hip hop can still be rebellious and it still is on plenty of levels 30 odd years later.

Premo, Rza, Pete Rock, etc...they live by the same rules as US Citizens.

If they don't clear samples they can get sued, nobody gets a pass unless permission/licensing is granted.

No amount of bravado or I don't give a what ness can negate the court system. Sorry kids!


I am not trying to boil it down to law i am simply trying to show how narrow mind looking at sampling as "just steals your thoughts, trying to make money with your work?" sounds The example of premo was used to show that samples can often be used by extremely creative individuals to manifest some thing new. I really thought that would have been very obvious but then again this is the internet.