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Old 26th November 2010
Here for the gear

Thumbs up Cheers for the opinions

cheers for the information and opinions guys, still a hard choice to make.

I reckon I'll try to clear the samples and see how it goes from there...I definitely don't have all the dough in the world, but I'd like to keep it professional just for the fact that music is a business. I guess I gotta play the game for the moment.
I agree with the whole stealing thing, but I see sampling as more of an exhibition. It's like I sample unknown Vinyls from Asia so if a kid likes what he hears he can check out the original sample and be introduced to an older artist that he/she never heard of before. Like listenin to DJ shadows first album was like walking into a museum of music I never heard before, and that's the magic of sampling to me. I'll let you guys know how it goes..Oh and **** I guess I should upload the tracks I've sampled so u guys can have a listen? gotta figure out how to do that