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Neal, your questions actually reveal a need for more close-ups, less wide shots...
Interior shell wals are built of 5cmx10cm timber. On the back of this frame, we nailed two layers of 13mm gypsum board with one layer of deadsheet between them. This sandwich has really good isolation properties. On the back of these walls, we nailed a layer of something similar to A-1 (MATERIAL AISLANTE-AMORTIGUANTE | A1 | ACUSTICA INTEGRAL), facing outer shell wall. The cavity facing the room will be covered with the same material and then we'll cover it with a layer of deadsheet, facing the room.
As this is basically a Non-Environment design, we'll hang absorbent panels along all walls, except front wall, where screen will be mounted. The walls will have a 30cm frame in front of them where panels will be hanging. The rear wall will have a deeper system, about 1,2m deep.
Ceiling joists are 9cm x 22cm for the lower ceiling and 10cm x 20cm for the upper ceiling. They're made of glued laminated wood, spanned across 7,5m.
Both ceilings will receive 2 layers of gypsum/deadsheet/gypsum sandwich. We need that to increase the isolation, as the room next to this one is (will be) a recording studio.
You'll see significant progress in next two weeks.