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Well...considering that most up-coming producers are just using an 8 bar sample looped through-out the whole track, it is stealing to me as long as its uncleared material. There is no excuse for this imo..

Hip Hop might be about sampling other records, but it is not hip hop anymore if all you do is just stealing someone else's ideas.

That's not cool. Bottom line.

I bet you would be pissed aswell if some other random dude comes up and just steals your stuff without any permission. Big antilogy here.

I'm not really against sampling if you actually DO something with the sample..or if you do clear it. But just using a 10 seconds loop through-out the whole song is not "flipping" to me.

and folks need to grow some imaginations.

Obviously some of youse guys have not had the pleasure of taking a guitar player that's sitting next to you and sampling him playing something and chopping it up.

Its a game changer when you can have players around you and have them work on your compositions. Then you can take the recording of that composition, sample it and rework that. So you can flip yourself.

Hip hop is about taking something thats there and making something fresh with it, which is completely new and different.

Its like transformers.

You see a beat up Fred Sanford pick up. That joint gets hit with the cube juice and it turns into a robot with the guts of the vehicle inside out and the whole ****. Plus the dice in the window are now the robots earrings.

That's hip hop. Bet you didn't expect that homie!

That's what flipping **** is. Whether it be from a record or a recording you just made.

But I ain't saying eff anything involving legalities. Trying to run a career here.

Contracts, paperwork, people might hate it, but it is how you protect yourself.

You sign em all the time, credit card receipts are contracts, leases to your apartment, mortgage on your house, accepting the terms of software digitally is a contract. Etc....get used to it!