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Sample the hell out of crap. Life is too short.

In short. No. F&*% a lawyer. Sampling is and has always been an homage to the original cornerstone of Hip-hop, the DJ. Encoded if you will, within a song, is that "I have THIS record, and you don't even know what it is" aesthetic. Or "these are MY folks battle drums....what YOU got sucker?"
People still wrestling with the creative copyright and legal implications of sampling with the various tired, "don't sample, play it yourself" or "call up the person you sampled and ask" type **** are missing the point. Don't let legalities hinder your creative sampling pursuits. The trick is to not sample some ridiculously blatant bull**** that everyone can pick out. Then indeed prepare to pay up. Think about it. Do you think any classic hip-hop producers sat thinking about whether they should sample or not and what it'll cost to clear the samples?

As a side technical thought.
Sampling is a great foundation in the art and science of digital editing anyhow and should be encouraged.......(get your zero crossings tight now ya hear)

note to PSM: Indeed one should strive to add their own instrumentation on top of sampled materials to creative a cohesive composition. One shouldn't take an 8 bar sample, loop it and consider it their own creation......

Also. It is a continuation of this. Musique concrète - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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