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you're joking, right? so you think a straight-edge gospel musician contributes as much to society as a doctor or scientist. right back at ya
Many musicians contribute a lot more to society than a great number of the money grubbing, Mercedes driving, mansion living, Hawaii vacationing doctors I see. And the majority of "scientists" in this country are hacks working for the big pharm and tech companies for a buck, not heroes trying to cure cancer or develop clean energy.

In fact, scientists are discouraged from working on either of those because there's more money for the companies selling sick people maintenance drugs and propping up our obsolete energy systems that actually solving the problems. Not to mention the fact that once a scientist gets a steady gig in a program he'll do anything to perpetuate his job even if he knows the program is a dead end and that other approaches are viable. (I'm specigically talking about the US fusion program).

I'd say that a musician who brings joy to people's lives contributes a hell of a lot more to humanity that a whole legion of those scientific and medical hacks, charlatans, and sellouts. And I know what I'm talking about, having grown up around universiteies and having had an uncle and a cousin who were top research biochemists.

Note that I'm not against scientists and I don't think science is bad - the problem is that very few people are actually doing real science these days.

And I do know a couple of good doctors - but I know a lot more mediocre and bad ones. a LOT more, including nearly all the ones at the clinic I go to.