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ask a tough question, get a tough answer... (no disrespect meant btw bob, you're the man). are you suggesting that the amount a doctor or a scientist contributes to society is on par with the amount contributed by a whiskey-guzzling groupie-screwing musician, whose job, literally, is to PLAY? (like as in "play" instruments.) of course not all musicians are created equal, but then again when i look around i still see certain artists banking pretty hard... i'm just trying to say, if we gave the same incentive to everyone in society, that'd be socialism, and then no one would work hard; no one is going to school for eight - twelve years to become a musician (and if they are, they are arguably a bit silly in the head). the day Wyld Stallyns ushers in world peace with their music, i'm sure they'll make huge money; til then tho, you cant tell me the people who are actually working toward such tangible ends arent more deserving of the wealth.
"whiskey-guzzling groupie-screwing musician,"?
"still see certain artists banking pretty hard"??
"no one is going to school for eight - twelve years to become a musician"???

You know something? You don't know a damn thing about what it's like to be a musician or what it takes to be a success in music. Not a damn thing.

Guys like you think you can run down to Banjo Center, buy a guitar, learn 3 chords and be a star. Well,buddy, it ain't like that.

It takes years and years of hard work to become proficient on an instrument and more years of work plus iron determination to get anywhere in the industry. You think the "stars" are "banking pretty hard" but you don't see the years of unpaid work they had to put in or the huge expenses that are required to do a professional quality production. You know nothing about all the employees the star is responsible for supporting in order to record professionally and put on a quality show.

You think Stefani Germanotta (That's Lady Gaga) is a big contrived industry pop star, right? All just glitz and hype, right?

She started playing piano when she was FOUR YEARS OLD. She worked he whole life to get to where she's at. Now you may not care for her music (I don't) BUT YOU HAVE TO RESPECT THE AMOUNT OF SHEER EFFORT AND COMMITMENT REQUIRED TO GET HER WHERE SHE IS.

And she's one of the (very few) lucky ones. Most musicians work their asses off and don't get sh*t for their trouble.

My lead guitar player plays in two bands besides mine. One is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. the other is a seminal west coast punk band. He has also been in a respected psychedelic band and two original "west coast new wave of heavy metal" bands, plus a couple of regional blues bands. He's flat broke, lives with one of his grown kids, and makes about $40/week teaching guitar. He's in his mid '50s and because of people like you he receives no payment for a lifetime in music although people all over the world know his name and the names of bands he's been in.

It takes just as much hard work to become a competent professional musician as it takes to become a doctor or a lawyer - and a damn site more than it takes to become a business executive at a high paying tech company.

When you say "no one is going to school for eight - twelve years to become a musician " it's obvious that you know nothing at all about the requirements of a musical career. Nothing.

And your attitude is insulting and obnoxious.

What is it that YOU do for a living? Do you support yourself? How long did YOU have to study for that job?