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Old 24th November 2010
Yeah, ok, point taken.
I've hung out with dozens of studio musicians over the years and the vast majority are as straight as a dye and ultra professional.
Also, I think people in this piracy debate gravitate towards the rock n roll/hip hop stereotypes and forget the world of music, and the group of musicians who are badly affected by piracy is massive and diverse.
Classical musicians, jazz musicians, cruise ship and corporate convention players.
It starts at the top and permeates the whole business, not just the MTV acts.
I'm 'rabidly' anti-pirate for two simple reasons.
1) Pirates are takers. Rarely, most likely never giving back.
2) I can't justify piracy in any other way than it allows you to own a commercial product without ever paying for it.
That is a slap in the face of creative people, but also, the honest customer who pays.