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There is some very original work out there using samples, but yes i admit there are thieves out there, thats for sure. I guess the balance may not always be right & sampling can be hard to get away from for some of us, its just so imbedded into the culture of hip-hop. The real original thing for a lot of people is to learning to be creative using samples.
I hear ya on that one bro.

I don't even beef about sampling as much as I have my oppositional defiant attitude about sampling trumping original compositions.

I think musicality wherever it comes from needs to get back into hip hop ASAP.

I see why people are so impressed by Kanye's new album. That's actually a statement about the rest of the music out there.

Illegal downloading and garbage ass music seem to be lifelong bedfellows unfortunately.

This kind of speaks to PSMs thread about the originals.