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Understand what your saying but just to clarify may point am referring to how much money it generates as opposed to how many listers it gets, a lawsuit against a company that has little to no assets... well the bottom line is it doesn't happen, no matter how pissed of the plaintiff is.
So should we just eliminate the bitter angry asshole factor?

Dude there are people out there who make frivolous lawsuits all the time and whether or not they stand to make any money from it, its still your time, your money/representation that you have to expend to answer those legal challenges. I mean since when did your actual income equate to financial responsibility in court? This ain't a mortgage or Chapter 11/13 we're talking here, we're talking damages.

You're reasoning that people still possess massive amounts of common sense in TODAYS times. It might be that person/entities goal just to give you a hard time because they don't like you or you've disturbed their jaded slumber lol. I never put anything past anyone if they work in the entertainment field. Never...

No thanks....