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i say no, i am a artist as well and i look at it like this. if you end up gaining enough attention (revenue/profit in currency) that you get sued by the original artist for whatever sample it may be. by the time that happens and if you are at that point when you get the attention of these people the money from the lawsuit will not be a worry for you to pay (at that status). unless you are talking about huge artists such as elvis,prince,the beatles,johnny cash, micheal jackson etc) in which case it still will not bite you in the rear until later, but you can bet the cost will be beyond hefty no matter what level you have reached by the time you gain that much attention from your music.

long story short , why spend all your hard earned independant money clearing samples that you probably wont gain the HUGE amount of profit or attention from anyway. not saying the songs won't do well or be great songs, i am saying there is a different between a song being good/great and people liking it and a song being HUGE on the charts, receiving magazine/tv press etc...

hope this helps, but still this is just MY opinion
But my man, clearing a sample isn't the same as getting SUED.

Suing for damages versus licensing a sample can be a very different scenario.

I would never rely on what someone MIGHT do in a business situation. I would much rather get at them upfront, see if they are even worth the trouble of dealing with them and move on.

I am an artist too but I also produce people and I have been spending the last 8 months getting my session players to bail out artists from uncleared samples. You could either hope that you're a millionaire off your record sales or get a deal (which would even have the budget to cover your sample clearance) or you could do a sample alike and get a license for a parody/cover of the song. Or you could just make up something yourself that has the same vibe as the sample and move on from there with material you own full publishing over.

I mean that's what you're faced with FOR CERTAIN: Clear samples, get sued, get a license or do an original track. In each situation you gotta be prepared for what each entails or you will mos def find yourself ass out. Each scenario has it own major headaches.

Just sayin' "Best laid plans of Mice and Men..."