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Its really about what you consider your time and effort to be worth.

I'm pretty sure if someone took something from your house even if it was temporarily and you knew how to reach out and get at them, you'd try to get your stuff back or be compensated for your inconvenience.

I would never underestimate the natural human instinct of domain.

You could definitely perceive yourself as nobody special and say that's your excuse, but use is use. If a guy takes 5 cents or 5 million illegally its theft.

The concept of being underground clouds the fact that you are still RELEASING your material, whether or not its to people in your local vicinity for free at your shows or on your blog/twitter account, you actually made the effort to actual present it to the public.

Everything that has a valid standing copyright requires that you OBTAIN permission to display it, perform renditions of it etc...EVEN if you make NO money from your performance of it. You have to obtain permission.

I recall when I taught college courses, how I couldn't photocopy text books because we didn't have permission to reproduce it. The school wouldn't condone such a thing. Now just to put it in perspective I could be teaching in a free community center and face the same legal snares.

I would always advise never to take risks with your career. If you this is what you really want to do with your life, then play by the rules, don't linger on the edge unless you're prepared to pay the consequences. I'm not against sampling as an art or a means to an end, however I am against people playing russian roulette with their careers based on "advice."

No disrespect to anyone here intended but I only recommend what I really would be willing to do. Hopefully nobody here really would risk a lawsuit over their work foolishly.

Good luck!