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Old 24th November 2010
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Should I really clear samples?

I don't have any experience clearing samples but I'm in the exact same boat with you. The tracklist of the album I'm doing is made up of about 80% samples.

It WILL eventually come back to bite you but probably not until your actually a prominent artist with lots if radio airplay. A good recent example of this scenario is the Drake song "Best I Ever Had". Drake had been out for a long time before and the song had been on the radio for a good while. It wasn't until he shot a video for it (and that ran on TV for almost a year) before the copyright holders for the sample filed a lawsuit. So, I would think that the level he has attained from releasing the song is well worth whatever he'll pay in lawsuit damages.

Even if they find out your using the sample before you get drake status, their probably not gonna sue you unless you have significant income trackable by the IRS. There more likely to send you a cease an desist order to stop using the sample.

That's why I just look at it like, i sample whatever and eventually, if and when they come looking, you know that your gaining some kind of noteriety.