thread: KRK or Fostex?
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Old 24th November 2010
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Originally Posted by Raylai View Post
Check out the VXT series as well... They cost similar, but the VXT is definitely better then the rockit,
Erm...the respective sizes of the VXT to the rokits are almost double the price. Hardly 'similar'.

A friend of mine has the really tiny Fostex's in his setup and they aren't bad...but that's the only experience I've had with Fostex.

As far as the KRK Rokits goes, I've heard the 5s and the 8s in different setups and personally I've never liked them. I use the Yamaha HS50m though, which is a completely different character; since I'm used to the forward sounding midrange of the Yammies, the KRKs almost sound scooped to my ears!

That being said the KRKs are very popular it seems. Depends on how you work and what sound you prefer to work with really.