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Old 24th November 2010
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Should I really clear samples?

Hi guys I'm new to posting on these forums, but I've been reading the gearslutz forums for years n years now. Strange that I only just registered but oh well..

I wanted to ask advice on clearing samples. Obvisouly from a legal standpoint it should be done, but for an independent hip-hop artist the budget that's needed to clear samples is almost impossible to deal with. I have my full album ready to be mastered and pressed, but the last step of finishing it is clearing these damn samples..I've been given various advice such as 'your not famous so dont worry', 'you have to clear it otherwise itll come back to bite you in the hindparts'.

What do you guys think? There aren't too many avenues on the net to find sample clearance services either.
I know that to press cds on places like diskmakers you have to get samples cleared on an album. And the alternatives are to just take out the sampled songs or replay it, but it would change the whole feel of the song and the album..Another issue is that I love to sample japanese soul/jazz songs, and thats the feel of my album. So clearing these again brings more difficulties. Does anyone here have ne experience clearing samples from Japan or Asia?