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Old 18th November 2010
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We finished this week early, because of NATO summit or conference or whatever it is, that is going to happen during this weekend in Lisbon. Those guys closed the whole city, even some bridges will be closed during some hours while their royalties are being transported to the conference hall, which is close to our studio construction site.
So, to recap, we have two side walls and a piece of front wall built and lifted. The frame for the second half of the front wall is almost ready, and the smaller pieces of the left side wall (the ones that go around pillars) are ready to be lifted into position. I expect to have the walls completed by Tuesday next week. By the end of the next week, another experienced worker will join the team, to begin with traps' frames construction.

Not many pictures today:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9934.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9935.jpg

And I thought I might show our selection of nails:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9936.jpg

inlinenl, Sptz, thanks. Sptz, quando vc passa pela Lisboa, uma visita é obrigatória!