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Old 16th November 2010
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Hi Ray

Thanks for you info. Yes my intention would be to use it as a PA, not really a main monitor. I don't think i would mix directly on them, but i might take things i hear on them into consideration on my regular monitor if i feel it can do positive things for my mixes. But the main purpose is really just to have some system to listen to music at a higher level on.

The room already exists, and is acoustic treated. Suffit mount is not possible as i am not allowed to do so big changes to the room. (can't even drill a hole in the wall if i wanted to). So they would go on stands, and the sub on the floor.

It is not a very big room, it is about 20m2.

I got ADAM S2A + Sub8 as my only system now, and it works great, but i'd still like to check the sound on PA & louder volume than they can deliver. Maybe there are other better options out there, but i just read some producers has a small F1 system in their studio, and i feel attracted to that option. Using google i haven't been able to find out which models the particular producers had though. But i figure i must be one of those models i mention, as the next models get quite large.

I think i would have to go with something like QSC to amp it up, because F1's own amps are pretty expensive. Do you think the difference will be a major turnoff not using F1's own amps ?