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The audiologists I've dealt with are not really interested in helping people hear when it comes to the second main use of sound: music. And that's just stupid. They could care less about what's happening at 10 kHz or 15 kHz. And they actually don't even care about 8 kHz as one of them told me. They told me they would only get concerned if loss ever got into the 4 kHz region! And they weren't particularly interested in finding out WHY my perception of 12 kHz has declined. If ever there was a field of study that needed a fresh approach, this is it.

I think a musician who wanted to be a pioneer in musical audiology and test people's musical hearing would make a lot of money.
Amen to that. I hear ya, or at least I do well in my left ear :D

Though interestingly, friend of mine who lives in Holland had her hearing tested after a nasty fall caused loud tinnitus in her ear, and they tested the entire freq range 20hz-20khz. Guess I'm living in the wrong country :/

Travelling abroad is always a possibility I guess and something I should perhaps consider.

In the meantime, since I last wrote on this thread, my sensitivity in the right ear suddenly shot up and I was getting pain. Like, the sound of someone talking in same room caused horrible pain, making work impossible and me very depressed.

Saw just GP to see someone quickly and he diagnosed me with ear canal infection, gave me some drops which were anti-bacterial & anti inflammatory steroid based.

It took 11 days of using that stuff to bring the pain right down (at which point i stopped cause you're only supposed to use the drops 7-10 days max).

Since then the pain aspect has mostly gone but the sensitivity issue is a real problem. By that I mean, If I make a sound like rattle pill bottle, I'll hear the actual sound AND this low end rumble in my head, which is a hyperacusis kinda reaction, possibly cause infection/virus/whatever is still hanging on. On top of that sometimes I hear the sound, have tiny delay then get sensation of a physical knock in my ear, not pleasent at all!.

Things I've been doing to (hopefully) speed up recovery:

1) Cut out all alcohol
2) Maximise vitamin/mineral intake.
3) Pink noise therapy.

I read up about using mono pink noise listening for long periods to help retrain the brain and I really think that does help.

Anyone that does have hearing problems, particuarly with hypersensitivity, I highly recommend listening to mono pink noise.

I do still feel I have some underlying chronic condition thats causing all these problems and I hope some day soon I get to the bottom of it....