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Old 14th November 2010
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This is an awesome thread. I am making my first movie soundtrack (or trying to) and it is an homage to 80s horror, so I've had fun trying to capture that dated 80s sound. Strategically adding noise, wow and flutter, cutting the high end... it is really fun to succeed and make stuff that sounds 30 years old. Thanks for the awesome information. I would argue that there are a LOT of people who have a fetish for the dated 80s music aesthetic, especially the Italo sound which is really hard to get in-the-box. I am totally listening to every 80s movie I can, from The Monster Squad to The Heavenly Kid to The Garbage Pail kids. The more wretched sounding, the better. I just really need an 80s rock singer that has a studio and can sing a song.