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That's actually what I like about it. If you already have a sound you like, the 6386/ES-8 levels things nicely while adding a touch of euphonic tube sweetness. It doesn't change the character of the sound. It doesn't do the smashy pumpy thing either if that's what you're looking for.

What it does very nicely is allow things to sit in the mix effortlessly. I love it on stereo sub buses -back vox, guitars, horns strings etc. I also like it when tracking an instrument that already sounds great in the recording chain and I just want some leveling (and a touch of tube) without messing with the sound too much.

If you're looking for a lot of color, pumping etc this is not the box.

BTW, Michael Brauer uses 2 of them (ES-8 and 6386) so they're obviously good for something
after trying both,I went with the that's gone too.ha.
after a few years of trying/swapping around all types of comps I realized the Shadow Hills I've had all along pretty much covers it