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Hi George.

Tim Caswell has designed some of the top gear in music over the span of his 35 year career.. most recently he is the genius behind the electronic design of the Slate Pro Audio DRAGON.. which has earned top reviews in Tape Op, Mix, SOS, Studio Magazine, and is used by many industry pros like Jay Baumgardner, Chris Lord Alge, Justin Neibank (newest Taylor Swift has it all over), Brett Chassen, Griffon Boice, Michael Wagener...

Tim is also the designer of Studio Electronics, who make gorgeous hardware synths and effects used by many of the top names in electronic music production.

Tim also owns Caswell Amplification and makes an automateable amp called #39 that is based on his legendary Marshall mod used by Slash, George Lynch, and every other major guitar rock band in the eighties and ninties.

To sum it up, the man is a genius, and I believe the FOX will be the next amazing hardware piece to add to his already prestigious legacy.

New Fox faceplate photos coming soon..