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Sounds like I started later than most. Guess I was a late bloomer. I was 18 at the time (only 3 years ago).

It all started with a little comedy troupe I was in. We did small performances in parking lots and a coffee house just for grins. The schtick was horror-comedy with ska musical numbers. We recorded some backup tracks to sing along with during the act.

We recorded on my friends PC with Fruity Loops, that cheap wave editor that comes with soundblaster cards, and a computer microphone. We couldn't afford to register Fruity Loops at the time; so since mix-down was disabled, we recorded the output into the tape deck of a karaoke machine and then back into the computer from cassette.

Here's the file as it was, just for fun:
there are no vocals on the recording, since we sang those live, so it's kinda boring after a minute or so.