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Today we laid the floor base on top of the concrete slab.
You can see layers of bitumen/rubber sheet and chipboard, placed on top of the concrete slab, glued and nailed to it.
This will take two days per room.
New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9876.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9877.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9878.jpg
New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9880.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9882.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9883.jpg
New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9885.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9886.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9887.jpg
New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9888.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9889.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9890.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9891.jpg