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thanks bevvy - this gave me a nice chuckle. my first was on a fostex four-track cassette recorder. for about half the tracks, everything came out of my korg m1's sequencer, then my guitar and such on the other tracks. other ones i actually multi-tracked, boucning stuff between tracks, etc. i remember taking my whole setup (4track and a single mic!) to a friends house to record the drums - mono with a shure 57 or worse probably.

the funniest part, though, is that i actually went through the process of copywriting the whole thing!!! go the application, sent in an "archival" copy to washington, etc.

hmmm. i will have to go digging around to see if i can find them. perhaps my parents can dig them out of the attic! or i suppose i could get in touch with the copyright office and have them dig it up! LOL!!!!

if i can track anything down i'll post it for sure...