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Thanks for the advice everyone. I am going to put up two snippits and explain. Unfortunately this is not my best examples of my recordings, the mic wasn't where it was supposed to be (rapper moved it) and he was a bit sick. I do feel it is a good example of where I am at. Remember, I am not happy with these.
The first file I feel it is very flat sounding. It sounds relatively clean, all things considered, but lifeless and dull.

The second one, I try to add some life to it. I focus on individual things as I go through each track and do my best to make everything sound it's best, then go back and undo anything I feel is not fitting in right. To me, this still sounds on the flat side but more lively. It sounds a bit over compressed. It sounds a bit harsh to me.

Let me know if these clips help, audio terms are so general that it's hard for me to ask the right questions some time.
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