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if your vocals sound harsh in the top end when eq'ing, honestly i'd say it's the mic. cheap chinese condensers tend to have a really nasty high end that becomes even more apparent if you're boosting it. i think oktavamod modifies the nt1a now, you might look into that as it very well might give you a smoother top end that you can actually eq without it sounding like sandpaper.
I have been looking into this very seriously. Unfortunately, I am a victim of the economy like most. I know it's affordable but I have the cost a full album on my hands so if I can get through without it, I can skip it for now.

I know that sounds backwards but this is a Bay Area album so my mixing doesn't have to be up to par with the best. Outside of the top sellers in the bay, most albums sound like a high end home studio at best, even if it is the real studio, real mixing engineers, etc. Not saying everything sucks out here, may artists sound quality but enough don't so I can be in the middle ground and not worry. Sound quality isn't the Bay's forte, especially in the last few years.