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do you have a link to this article?

Focusrite Liquid Channel

f you don't care for a particular sound then you can use any preamp and be happy. More records were not recorded with a Neve than they were. So you don't need one, but if you want that sound you do need one. It all depends on you goal and what you want. Some guys don't care, some do. Not having a particular preamp should not prevent you from making good recordings but having one will make it easier
Speaking personally, I get uninspiring vocal sounds - probably a comination of voice, technique, room, talent and engineering factors.

There is always this hope - 'If I get a good preamp there will be a huge increase in quality' - perhaps this is just wishful thinking heh

I personally, would settle for any professional sound even if it was only one [say Neve-ish] sound.