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Old 23rd October 2010
Lives for gear

I will state for the record that I believe that the vast majority of preamps available are very good. Many discussions are started in the hopes of discovering some secret piece of gear that will make one's recording's sound better or more professional. The fact is, despite the fact that preamps can indeed make a difference, if your tracks don't sound kick ass through a DMP3, Focusrite Platinum series, Presonus, built-in interface pre, or other low-end preamp then chances are they will not truly benefit from a higher-end option.

Yes, truly professional results can be had using the pres built into your M-Audio interface (for example); if you haven't figured out how to do it then that should be priority #1. The experience you gain will benefit you much more in the long run.

Crawl, walk, run. There really are no shortcuts.

That is my take on the existence of all of these preamp discussion threads.

Spend more time making music with the gear you've got, spend less time online sweating the details. The internet is a great resource for learning stuff, but it is getting to the point of over-saturation and is becoming more confusing than anything else. So many contradictory points of view, and those who speak the loudest get heard the most instead of those who truly know what they're talking bout.

This is a worthwhile read for anyone looking to improve the quality of their recordings. It may not be what you want to hear, but most of it is truly kick-ass advice.

Bottom line: if your preamp is giving you enough clean gain and has enough headroom for your source material then is is good enough to give you excellent results. If not, for god's sake do a search! heh