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Old 23rd October 2010
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They may or may not make a difference

But there is one thing that is for certain: If you are recording in anything other than an acoustically perfect custom-built studio room, recording amazing musicians playing top-flight instruments, the difference between a cheap, clean pre such as those on a Mackie/Presonus/DMP3 etc, and something costing 10 times as much will not be worth the investment.

The extra pizazz that it arguably adds (which may be just expectation bias) will simply not be significant compared to the host of other problems your recording will have anyway.

This preamp madness is real top 1% stuff and is mostly caused by people imagining they hear things because they need to (having just shelled out tens of thousands on one) - Ive yet to see a blind test where anybody including top-flight engineers could hear much of a difference between one and another.