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Lives for gear

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Thanks for that. € 0.02 are worth more than they used to be and your post certainly is valuable heh

Do you think having the greatly improved sound has improved creativity or productivity or are you doing the same but just getting nicer sounding results ?
They have certainly improved my personal creativity. It's just more fun recording my own ideas and concepts using gear of which I know it'll sound great when listening through the monitors later on. And when recording other folks it's nice to know the performances are captured in a proper way and not "degraded" in some way by inferior preamps.

I'm sure I'll get accused of being snobbish, but I have to remind you that I was skeptical about preamp differences as well, until I had the chance to discover them myself heh I borrowed a Great River preamp from a befriended recording engineer and after a few hours of messing around with it I finally learned how to get some vocal and guitar sounds I always wanted, without using EQ.