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Preamps make a huge difference. Period. When I had the funds to sell my MOTU 8pre and buy an Apogee Ensemble with two stereo Great Rivers, this was a huge revelation for me. I always thought that the difference wouldn't be THAT great, but it turns out, it really is. The cumulative effect you get in a mix when recording using proper preamps is really indescribable. Without EQing or compressing, my recordings sound way, way better then when using the MOTU's stock preamps. Sure, there will be some benefit from the better converters in the Apogee, but driving those Great Rivers surely changed my game.

This doesn't mean you can't make good productions without good preamps, but if you're going for authentic sonic quality, you just can't get around them.

My € 0.02
Thanks for that. € 0.02 are worth more than they used to be and your post certainly is valuable heh

Do you think having the greatly improved sound has improved creativity or productivity or are you doing the same but just getting nicer sounding results ?