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The truth about Preamps


We get lots of threads about which preamps.

Mainly because many of us haven't been in the game that long or have not had the funds or opportunities to try lots of preamps to know about them from experience.

I put a thread up about the RNP and many thought it was pro enough and would not be limiting to the recording process. Others disagreed.

Another post recently claimed that the recent fad with preamps was overblown and that mics have more impact on the sound.

Then you have the huge number of threads claiming how wonderful the 1073 or GR sound, causing those who haven't tried them to feel sure that they are missing out and should aspire to owning those or a good copy e.g. the GAP73.

So which is it?

- do some preamps add a significant and noticeable improvement to the sound

- or is it like the SOS conclusion in the review of the Liquid Channel Preamp

[I'm not so sure this product, impressive though it undoubtedly is, is the best possible investment for the smaller home studio. The quality and range of preamps and compressors here is sublime, but this is a finessing tool and I wonder if the differences might be a little too subtle in circumstances where there are bigger hurdles to overcome than choosing between different preamps. ]

Can we get any real clarity on this topic to put all the other preamp cogitations in perspective.