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Sorry....mixing thread...How do you find the balance between too stale/too live

I have been making beats for about 8 years. I am pretty happy with my mixes on my beats (you can check my link but I haven't put anything new up in about a year for various reasons, about the same but better). When mixing beats, I am so used to having a full spectrum of sound that it gets hard for me to really "get" mixing vocals. I know how it is supposed to sound, I just can't get close to where I am at when mixing beats.

My major problem is my mixes are stale. They seem a bit flat, a little muddy, and just not up to date. Compare an album from the same artist from 1995 to something that just came out, mine sounds 1995. Mixes are now so clean and bright, I find if I try to do that, it sounds harsh. I don't have a great chain, NT1a mic, M-Audio 2626 for pre's and conversions, PT for mixing (not a lot of other plug ins). I have a 'semi' treated room and my speakers are Dynaudio BM5a's. Not the best but I can easily hear how good a great mix sounds, I just can't get to the point myself.

That said, I can post examples up if needed, I really want some good reading material more than anything. I feel that most of what I read is similar to a cook book, if everything is the same, it comes out fine. But, nobody has the same voice, beats are never the same, so I want to learn (not expected to be told) how to really go further with this.

I am not looking for a direct answer, again, I can post up some clips, I just want the best reading material (print or internet) along with some personal advice for someone who gets the concept but doesn't really "get it", meaning I haven't been able get the results I want, only in the ball park.

Edit-Posted audio clips in post 14 -