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those st's carpenter did himself were pretty atrocious imo.
Carpenters early Scores certainly are not atrocious... as they stand there pretty influential stuff wether you like it or not. The amount of hip-hop artists that have used or been influence by carpenters scores is pretty extensive, credits From Dr Dre, Timbo Biggie songs and many more, and those are only the sample or reworks, Dead Prez?. Even Hans Zimmer referenced Assault on precent 13 as one of his favourite scores of all time. Growing up with a father who's the professor of music at the local univertsiy must have set a good ground for Carpenter.


Here's a thread i stated some time ago regarding Charles Bernsteins Score for the original Nightmare on Elms street ST, A poster managed to list the whole set up for that one .

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Here's a gearlist for this horror-score:

Yamaha DX-7 (used a lot for the bell-like melody textures)
Oberheim OB-SX (used for the low pad on the Main Title etc.)
Roland Juno-106
ARP 2600 (mk I - 1971/72 model) - Charles wasn't totally sure whether this synth made it onto the score.
Very small Casio keyboard (used for the electronic violin sound in the Main title etc.)
Roland drum machine (Charles does not remember what model it was)
Acoustic piano

Moreover, Charles used a lot of Boss guitar pedals to process his voice (in falsetto).
This is the eerie vocal effects that can be heard at various places in the score.

The score was recorded on a TEAC 1/2" 8-Track.

I wouldn't just look at carpenter for horror scores using synths and would take in to consideration european work also. Ennio Morricone, Goblins, Fabio Frizzi........ the list could go on and on. But at the end of the day it fair to say these guys used what ever they could lay there hands on at the time, Moog Arp, Seqential Elka.

Again, to the OP, am gonna say that i think if your not gonna make your own patches, it really not that hard once you understand the basics, or at least tweak you may be had pushed to find exactly what your looking for.