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follow up on Thuresson

David Hall (engineer) in Nashville has sent the original demo to Joey Chicarelli (sic?) in LA who apparently won't let go of it. The next guys chompin' at the bit are Al Schmidt and Alan Sides.

We have 6 of them making the rounds in Nashville. Some reports so far are that they are one of the coolest acoustic mics 'ever'. I had one alt & rock engineer/producer with many years under his belt say it was 'too true' and not gritty enough. My gears started turning, because this is what the acoustic instrument recording fanatics freak about. A mic that is so pure and true and accurate.

Photos will follow although my DUTCH face may not accompany them as in the shameless self promo ads by SPL, (Dosser is such a smarty pants!).

Give me a day or 6 and I'll get you all in the loop on this thing with photos.

BTW - We ship anywhere if you want to rent this mofo for $50/day each. It's well worth getting bacon stripes in your shorts for!

Peace, love and good healthy living to all!