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Posting another update to my personal woes.

I honestly feel like crying right now, I am in hearing hell :(

Read through my earlier posts to get the background story. So I went to see the NHS ENT specialist last month. At that point I didn't really have any of the pain or sensitivity symptoms so was feeling better about things.
anyways they did a hearing test, if you can even call it that.

Just 5 sine test tones between 250hz - 8K and that was it. Given my main problem of rolloff was above 8K on the right side that wasn't very helpful. They considered my hearing 'normal' cause it fell in the 0-20db range of the average persons hearing threshold (though the result wasn't exactly a straight line either).

Anyways the ENT guy was very nice and charming and told me the results seemed ok. I wish, oh HOW I wish i pushed him on the sensitivity point more, i guess i just didn't feel like lying. But basically, because my results were considered normal he wasn't willing to investigate any further.
I have a similar issue.

I have a loss of top-end in my left ear, caused from firing lots of machine guns in the Army without ear defence. They are seriously loud, never heard anything in music (even in venues) which can compare to the noise created by ammunition which measures over a centremetre in diameter, and probably about 8cm long.

Thing is, when tested by the Army, I still came in the top bracket of ear test results. Because my ears are 'fine' for anything I might do in the Army. Not exactly mixing music. So, no compensation.

Now that I've left and I'm mixing stuff, I do notice it but I've learned to live without, and everyone else seems to be pretty happy with my mixes. That said, I'd love to hear my mixes how they ACTUALLY sound - quite sad really that I can't.