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Thankfully I don't have Tinnitus. For years I've dealt with my ears having the sensation of being blocked and 'fullness'. I've seen countless doctors regarding this, yet they're no help.

The very first time I went to the doctors regarding this my ears were actually blocked due to a large amount of wax build up, but it was all good for a while, but shortly after my ears felt blocked and full again. Each time I went back I didn't have a wax problem again, and no one could tell me that anything was wrong.

At the very beginning of all this I noticed that my ears were VERY sensitive to loud noise, this has passed over time.

Anyway, after seeing a countless number of doctors and specialists. I have come to the only conclusion I can think of. It must be a combination of things:

- I have horrible sleeping habits / don't get enough sleep
- I don't exercise enough

Because of this...

- I'm stressed mentally & physically
- My muscles are always tense, especially facial, head, neck, shoulders and back

What I think is that because the muscles that run through the neck and head are always tense, they effect the normal activity of the eustachian tubes and surrounding area.

When I say things are always tense for me I mean chronically. If it was never there and just popped up all of a sudden I'm sure I would consider it pain, but because it's been there for so long it's almost as if I'm used to it... even though I'm not... if that makes any sense.

Originally Posted by theblue1 View Post
I've found -- to my initial amazement -- that I can get a fair amount of (temporary) relief by using my fingers to 'close' my ears (folding the fleshy tab over the ear canal opening) and holding them closed for a while
I have found very short term results from this too.

Also, there were a couple times when I was working outside for a bit at one of my old jobs and for a few hours things would unblock and I could actually feel fluid draining for that whole time, then after those few hours things would block back up. Unfortunately it hasn't happened again for me in years though.

There was also another time at night before I went to bed, I would lay down on the floor and try to relax as much as possible and massage my neck, temples and jaw area where the joint connects near the ear. There were a couple times when I had relief / drainage doing this, but no luck anymore.

This leads me to believe further that there is a problem related to muscles being tight / not allowing the tubes to drain properly.

Anyway, that's my theory. Is anyone else going through similar symptoms, and if so, do you also have sleep troubles, not enough exercise, possibly a clashing food diet?